I have to admit, I’ve always wanted a pet unicorn. Unfortunately, the closest I’m going to get is wearing some beautiful unicorn nail art. Why not get your glitter out and try some of these super cute and girly unicorn designs. If you think you have what it takes you can try making a couple of nails into pretty holographic unicorn horns like you’ll see in this gallery. Remember, when it comes to unicorn nails, the more sparkle, the better!

Silver-holographic-unicorn-Nail-Art-Design Rainbow-unicorn-Nail-Art-Design pretty-pink-glitter-unicorn-Nail-Art-Design Pink-pastel-glitter-unicorn-Nail-Art-Design holographic-unicorn-Nail-Art-Design cute-unicorn-Nail-Art-Design cute-unicorn-Nail-Art-Design-1 3D-unicorn--Nail-Art-Design
Gorgeous Holographic Pastel Unicorn Nails
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