I’m obsessed with Mandala patterns! I can’t get enough of them from my phone cover to the decor in my house. They’re just so pretty! Since mandala patterns are becoming really popular but are pretty difficult to achieve, we thought a mandala post with lots of inspirational patterns would be a big help to any nail art gals (and guys) out there. Try out bold colors for an eastern vibe or stick with nudes and whites for a more reserved look.

black-and-blue-mandalaa-nail-art-design-idea black-and-white-mandalaa-nail-art-design-idea colorful-mandalaa-nail-art-design-idea colorful-mandala-nail-art-design-idea colorful-mandala-nail-art-design-idea-1 hamsa-mandala-nail-art-design-idea nude-and-color-mandalaa-nail-art-design-idea nude-and-white-mandalaa-nail-art-design-idea white-and-color-mandala-nail-art-design-idea white-and-pink-mandalaa-nail-art-design-idea
Beautiful Pink, White and Black Detail Mandala Nails
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