For us earthlings who feel like we might be from¬†another planet, here are some out of this world alien nail art designs to inspire your very own extraterrestrial look! Choose some metallic silver and funky greens for a classic 90s style alien nail art look. Don’t be afraid to add some extraterrestrial critters for a super weird outer-space design. And remember gals, the truth is out there!

Silver-Alien-Nail-Art-Design holographic-alien-nail-art-design-idea green-glitter-alien-nail-art-design grey-alien-ufo-Nail-Art-Design Green-Alien-Nail-Art-Design cute-90s-alien--Nail-Art-Design cute-alien-Nail-Art-Design cute-green-alien-Nail-Art-Design cute-ufo-alien-Nail-Art-Design funky-alien-Nail-Art-Design alien-nail-art-design
Colorful Funky 90s Inspired Alien Nails
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